Longji Rice Terraces

About 90 minutes north of Guilin there is a beautiful valley where people have been growing rice for hundreds of years. An unbelievable portion of the hillside has been terraced for that aim, and it is still in use, with farmers growing rice the traditional way.

Flooded Rice Paddies

Farmer working on Rice Terraces
There is a nice and slightly challenging trail connecting several farming/tourist accomodation villages. Obviously there are also some viewpoints, and even a new cablecar, but the place felt a lot more natural than other sights in China. And for the first time the weather was pleasantly warm and actually nice!

Rice Terraces, Peng'an

Farming Path
Walking along the trail I saw minority people in their traditional outfits, men building houses and old women carrying heavy baskets up steep steps. Everyone was friendly and people wanted to be helpful, showing me the way to my destination. All this combined almost made me stay for longer than two days: Although there is not a wide variety of things to explore it is a mellow, and truly beautiful place!

Construction in Farming Village

Minority woman carrying baskets

Dhazai Village

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