Waiting in Ulan Bator

I would not have chosen to stay in the Mongolian capital for almost a week, but that was how long it took the Chinese embassy to process my visa application. Applying there had felt difficult and uncertain at the time, but I had done my homework and in hindsight it […]

Working on a Ranch in Mongolia

Most of my time in Mongolia I spent as a volunteer at Anak Ranch, a farm in Northern Mongolia, run by a German expat and his Mongolian wife. They had quite a number of horses, cows, sheep and goats. I was helping to milk the cows early in the mornings, […]

Update from Mongolia

Staying at a Ranch in Mongolia at the moment, with very limited internet access and a lot of work to do. From helping with milking cows at six in the morning to chopping wood to herding goats and sheep on the endless Mongolian planes… The real story is to follow, […]