Singapore celebrating its National Day

Just a few days after my arrival, on August 9th, Singapore celebrated its 53rd anniversary since independence from Malaysia. The main festivities were held at Marina Bay where thousands of people had secured a seat to watch long-practiced performances on a floating stage. Hundreds of thousands of citizens and tourists […]

Back home

After almost eleven months of traveling I finally returned home – first to Norway, then to Germany. So many pictures to look through, so many experiences to process… It has been an incredibly exciting and adventurous (but also long) time on the road, and I have learned a lot about […]

Departure Day

After lots of planning, preparation and and packing I am finally sitting at the airport. The tention that has built up during the last couple of days is slowly disappearing. Nothing can be changed anymore at this point, I either have my stuff, or I don’t. But I am confident […]