Yangshuo – Inspiration not only for Painters

The village of Yangshuo is located on the Li River, about an hour south of Guilin. It is surrounded by karst mountains and looks just like you would imagine China. It’s beautiful, maybe a little touristy…

Yulong River

Yulong River
With four awesome people I had met I went on a day-long bike tour up a side valley (Yulong River), and scaled the city mountain for a foggy overview, and just had a great time…

Bike tour with friends

Foggy view of Yangshuo
Due to famous rock climbing options and its backpacking history Yangshuo is a lot more western than most other places. Locals actually spoke English, and I met some European expats (I was not the only western looking guy in the streets, yay!)

West Street (Yangshuo) at night


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