1000km Malaysia: Cycling around the peninsula (long article!)

Through HelpX I came to stay with a lovely family for a week, in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. I helped with weeding in their garden, which was more than necessary after the rainy season, and I had also intended to figure out the next destinations in my trip. Which […]

Tioman Island – an unexpected paradise

Having heard from numerous people that the islands off the east coast were supposed to be nice, I decided to give the biggest one of them, Pulau Tioman, a try. From Mersing I took the boat over to Tekek, the main village and the only place on the island with […]

Obstacle race in the rainforest (Volunteering in Sg Lembing)

Very spontaneously I decided to go to the small village of Sungai Lembing. I had gotten the chance to help out at an obstacle race. I met with the organizers two days before the race, and we all spent a great amount of time and effort to get everything ready […]

Cycling Malaysia (Teaser)

I will be off on a bike tour through Malaysia (with tent and everything). Nothing is decided yet – I just have a general direction for the first days – and I will probably be going to Singapore for Chinese New Year. But other than that — That means chances […]