Impressions of Moscow

When I exited the train station on the morning of my arrival I instantly knew that I liked this city. It is huge, but clean and not as chaotic as you would expect this big a city to be. From almost everywhere you can see at least one of the […]

Circle of Light Festival

While I was in Moscow, the International Circle of Light Festival took place. Professional graphic designers from all over the world had created colorful animations and video mapped facades of different buildings throughout the city, such as the Bolshoy (=big) theatre and several pavillions at VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of […]

Update from Moscow

Hi everyone, I am still travelling, lots of gabventures going on at the time… That’s why there have not been any new posts lately. But everything will appear here in due time. How I lived in the Estonian forest and helped a young couple with their cool projects, how I […]