Following the trail of the Ancient Puebloans

We continued on to New Mexico, were there are, hidden in a vast landscape of bare plains and hills, the ruins of ancient Native-American settlements. Some of the most impressive examples of their high culture architecture can be found in Chaco Canyon, a UNESCO world-heritage site. Regardless of that status […]

The Magnificent Grand Canyon

When we arrived at the first viewpoint on the South Rim the sun had just set. Nevertheless I immediately understood that the name of this place was by no means an understatement: between the backlit plateau in the far distance and where I was standing there was a gigantic gaping […]

„The Wave“ and other wonders of the desert

In the small town of Kanab (UT) there is a lottery where ten lucky people get drawn every day. The prize is not monetary, but a sought-after permit for a dayhike to a very special place in the desert, some 30 miles away. When my uncle told me about this […]

Trying to escape the tourists on Hawaii

Tuesday, May 10 was literally the longest day of my life: I boarded a plane in Auckland that evening, and landed in Honolulu in the morning – of the same day! Crossing the pacific I gained 22 hours and went from being at the very beginning of the global day […]