Emerald Cave

While I am busy processing and compiling all of my previous adventures I am not refraining from going on new ones, like today:

I am currently staying on the island Koh Mook (on the west coast of Thailand, close to Trang) and rented a kayak for the afternoon, to explore the island’s rugged shoreline.

Koh Mook Rugged Shoreline

I knew that there was a cave/tunnel (had been there two days ago) and wanted to explore it again. Half an hour of paddeling across clear and calm water brought me to the entrance, where there were still a few tourist boats (at about 4:30pm). I found my way through the about 80m long, dark tunnel, encouraged by the green glowing light (hence the name) that entered through the water; further in it became pitch black and I was happy I had brought a head torch.

Emerald Cave

Kayaking through Emerlad Cave

When I arrived on the other side, I was on a beach, totally isolated by high cliff walls all around. Tropic vegetation, a clean beach and turquoise water – a really special place, even though there were other people screaming and moving about…

Enclosed beach

I left again and continued along the island, just to find another beach, this one open and accesible. Still empty though, except for a few yachts anchoring further out in the bay.

Sunset in quiet bay

Calm beach at sunset

When I came back to the cave-tunnel (at around 6pm), the last person, another kayaker, just passed me on my way in and left a quiet and beautiful place for me to enjoy.

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