Departure Day

After lots of planning, preparation and and packing I am finally sitting at the airport. The tention that has built up during the last couple of days is slowly disappearing. Nothing can be changed anymore at this point, I either have my stuff, or I don’t. But I am confident that I do.
I’m on my way to Denmark, the first destination of my round-the -world trip, where I will meet some wonderful people from my folkehøgskole-time and spend the weekend with them at the sea. After that I will travel on to the Baltic States, and on and on… Realizing that today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life I feel slightly apprehensive, but at the same time I know that it’s going to be great! There are lots of interesting places, inspiring people and incredible adventures waiting behind the slightly curved horizon.
Looking out the window I can see a monochrome patchwork of forests, fields and houses. Nothing special. Quite unlike what I am imagening I am about to see. This is Germany; but I still think I am going to miss it…

2 thoughts on “Departure Day”

  1. Finally you’re in your way! We hope you’ve got your ‘Pudelmuetze’ in your Backpacker. It’ ging to get cold in your trip …
    We stumbled over your blog while following the Hindseter site and are keen in following you around the world! God tur!

  2. Von HiHa via telefon nach Amerika:
    Wir denken ganz viel an dich , viel glueck und alles Liebe und Gute, von Oma und Opa.

    Oma und Opa sind dabei, ich habe ihnen den neusesten Eintrag vom 3. September vorgelesen.
    Somebody told me once: when you take a big trip, the hardest step is going through the Gartentoerle. At first you are going away from something, and that can be hard, but then there is always the moment when it changes and you are going towards something, and that’s a whole new feeling.
    Russell and I have you in our thoughts, take care, Cristina

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