Gili Meno – an underwater wonderland

On my way to the Rinjani volcano I spontaneously decided to spend a couple of days on the tiny island Gili Meno, right off the coast of Lombok. It took less than half an hour on a small boat to get to this touristy yet quiet island that is so small (about 1km in diameter) that the ban on motorized vehicles is not a problem, but very welcome.

I found a place to stay close to the beach and went snorkeling straight away. Even in the fading light of the evening it was extremely beautiful under water – lots of colorful coral and fish to spot and to observe.

Indonesian Boat at Sunset


Possibly the best place, also for diving, that I’ve been to on my trip! So that’s what I did the next day – the water was phenomenally clear and I saw a lot more coral and small fish, but also turtles and a shark. A very successful good bye to the tropic underwater dreamworld!

Diving selfie

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