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Obstacle race in the rainforest (Volunteering in Sg Lembing)

Very spontaneously I decided to go to the small village of Sungai Lembing. I had gotten the chance to help out at an obstacle race. I met with the organizers two days before the race, and we all spent a great amount of time and effort to get everything ready […]

Working on a Ranch in Mongolia

Most of my time in Mongolia I spent as a volunteer at Anak Ranch, a farm in Northern Mongolia, run by a German expat and his Mongolian wife. They had quite a number of horses, cows, sheep and goats. I was helping to milk the cows early in the mornings, […]

Teaching German in Russia

The day I arrived in Novosibirsk my host Larisa introduced me to her friend Olga, the German teacher at School 29. We chatted for a while (it was funny to speak German again) and she had me agree to join her for her lessons the next day. I was supposed […]

Volunteering at a sustainable building site in Estonia

From Tallinn I went to the national park at the Baltic Sea coast called Lahemaa. There I stayed for almost two weeks with Mari and Jim, a young couple who live off-grid in the forest [off-grid: not being connected to public networks like water, electricity or waste water]. When I […]

Exploring Lahemaa National Park

When I took a day off from working I would usually go on a long bike tour and explore the national park. There are a few small traditional Estonian villages and some fishing settlements at the coast – and many hidden places to discover which are believed to hold  spritual […]