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The inter-island cruise (Picton – Wellington)

After three weeks on the South Island the time had finally come for me to cross over to the north. I had a flight out of Auckland a week later and did not want to rush to get there, but rather see a few places along the way.

Christchuch: Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Already flying across it I fell in love with New Zealand; with its rugged coastline, its green meadows, but most of all with its wild mountains. They were simply evoking a strong sensation of and adventure in me… But first I landed in Christchurch, the biggest city on the South […]

„Re-Acclimatizing“ to the Western World in Sydney

Although technically I have been in Australia I feel it’s more appropriate to say that I have been to Sydney. Three days is not a lot of time to explore a city like this, but no time at all to explore Australia, the country – a continent!

In Palu for the total solar eclipse

Only a week before the solar eclipse I found out about it. As these things don’t happen often, and mostly far away, I did not think for too long, but changed my travel plans to incorporate Sulawesi, to see the total solar eclipse. On the evening of March 8 (one […]

Yogyakarta and Borobodur

Like every good tourist who comes to Java I went to Yogyakarta (short Yogya) which is said to be the cultural capital of this island nation. Yogya itself is an autonomous region, where the Sultan who lives in his palace (the Kraton) in the city center apparently has much more […]

Singapore, my new favorite city state

The difference to Malaysia was immediate and striking: There were no more street vendors or awkward shops along the road. In fact, there were no buildings at all lining the roadside: After I had managed to exit the proper highway coming straight out of immigration I was cycling through a […]

Hong Kong – So much more than expected

My first flight after three months of traveling brought me to the autonomous region of Hong Kong. Technically it belongs to China, but visa-wise I had left China. Hong Kong has its own currency, its own government, people are using a different set of characters (traditional, as opposed to simplified […]

No Sunshine for Beijing

I spent almost a week in Beijing, never seeing the sun, but quite a few other things, while acclimatising to China. Here are a few pictures of China’s gigantic capital: (click on pictures for better resolution)

Tasting Chinese Foods

I loved Chinese food, even before I came to China. Then I had to realize: it is something totally different to get it here than back home. There are so many more things to choose between, and also the same things taste different. Every city has their specialties and every […]

Waiting in Ulan Bator

I would not have chosen to stay in the Mongolian capital for almost a week, but that was how long it took the Chinese embassy to process my visa application. Applying there had felt difficult and uncertain at the time, but I had done my homework and in hindsight it […]

Babí Léta in Novosibirsk

Babí Léta means Indian Summer in Russian and describes well my first week in Novosibirsk. We had mild and sunny autumn weather with temperature peaking at around 20°C while it was icy and snowing in Moscow. So Siberia isn’t always cold! Through HelpX I had found a really nice and […]

Teaching German in Russia

The day I arrived in Novosibirsk my host Larisa introduced me to her friend Olga, the German teacher at School 29. We chatted for a while (it was funny to speak German again) and she had me agree to join her for her lessons the next day. I was supposed […]

Impressions of Moscow

When I exited the train station on the morning of my arrival I instantly knew that I liked this city. It is huge, but clean and not as chaotic as you would expect this big a city to be. From almost everywhere you can see at least one of the […]

Circle of Light Festival

While I was in Moscow, the International Circle of Light Festival took place. Professional graphic designers from all over the world had created colorful animations and video mapped facades of different buildings throughout the city, such as the Bolshoy (=big) theatre and several pavillions at VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of […]

Update from Moscow

Hi everyone, I am still travelling, lots of gabventures going on at the time… That’s why there have not been any new posts lately. But everything will appear here in due time. How I lived in the Estonian forest and helped a young couple with their cool projects, how I […]

Pushkin – a palace worthy of a tsar

On my last day in Saint Petersburg I decided to go to Pushkin, a suburb named after the famous Russian poet who had begun his education in this place. After 30 Minutes on the metro and almost an hour in a crowded mini-bus that was speeding over ill-maintained bumpy roads […]

Four days in Saint Petersburg

Petrograd, Leningrad, Venice of the North, Paris of the East, or just Peter – Saint Petersburg has been called many things. And each of these names describe a different side of this beautiful city: You can find buildings of Soviet architecure, although not too many; they don’t “spoil” the old […]

Tallinn – Middle Age meets Modernity

I had very little time in Tallinn, but I still got to see most of “Old Town”. A compact, fortified city center with almost exclusively old buildings gives it its medieval touch and it almost feels like time travel walking through the narrow and bendy streets.   Zooming out a […]

Latvia: Leaving the Comfort Zone

That’s mainly what my trip before Russia is all about. Getting used to travelling alone and to meeting people, hitchhiking and coping on my own. So when I got dropped off in Riga, Latvia I had no clue where to go. It was rather late, so I arranged a stay […]

An adventure begins… in Vilnius

Although already a few days away from home, I felt that my trip had not really started until I touched down in Vilnius, Lithuania. Before that, I had known the people I had stayed with and spent a wonderful time with. And they had taken care of everything. That had […]