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Welcome to my website! Here I am writing about and uploading photos as well as videos of my adventures: So far I worked in a hotel in the Norwegian mountains, roamed the streets of Istanbul and was skiing on Spitsbergen. And then there was the around-the-world trip obviously, which lasted for almost a year and made for more stories than I will ever be able to tell (but there is a significant number of them to be found on this website nevertheless...). You may have noticed it already, otherwise you sure will while reading on - I am not a native speaker, let alone native writer (if there is such a ting?!). Writing in English is a compromise since this site is meant for my friends and family in different countries and for others who are interested in my adventures. Feel free to comment below or on any other page, or write something in the guestbook, I would appreciate that! And finally, thanks for stopping by!

Back home

After almost eleven months of traveling I finally returned home – first to Norway, then to Germany. So many pictures to look through, so many experiences to process… It has been an incredibly exciting and adventurous (but also long) time on the road, and I have learned a lot about […]


Following the trail of the Ancient Puebloans

We continued on to New Mexico, were there are, hidden in a vast landscape of bare plains and hills, the ruins of ancient Native-American settlements. Some of the most impressive examples of their high culture architecture can be found in Chaco Canyon, a UNESCO world-heritage site. Regardless of that status […]


The Magnificent Grand Canyon

When we arrived at the first viewpoint on the South Rim the sun had just set. Nevertheless I immediately understood that the name of this place was by no means an understatement: between the backlit plateau in the far distance and where I was standing there was a gigantic gaping […]


„The Wave“ and other wonders of the desert

In the small town of Kanab (UT) there is a lottery where ten lucky people get drawn every day. The prize is not monetary, but a sought-after permit for a dayhike to a very special place in the desert, some 30 miles away. When my uncle told me about this […]


Trying to escape the tourists on Hawaii

Tuesday, May 10 was literally the longest day of my life: I boarded a plane in Auckland that evening, and landed in Honolulu in the morning – of the same day! Crossing the pacific I gained 22 hours and went from being at the very beginning of the global day […]



New Zealand is known for its adventure tourism, so I decided that my stay here would not be complete without at least one of these crazy adventures. And since I had really wanted to go skydiving for a long time that’s what I went with.


The Tongariro Crossing

In the center of the North Island there is a landscape that could well be from a different planet: Rugged volcanic mountains reach high in the sky and are surrounded by a flat desert. The dominant colors are red, brown and black. And in the middle of it all lie […]


The inter-island cruise (Picton – Wellington)

After three weeks on the South Island the time had finally come for me to cross over to the north. I had a flight out of Auckland a week later and did not want to rush to get there, but rather see a few places along the way.


5-day hike on the Travers-Sabine Circuit

I simply could not get enough of New Zealand’s pristine nature so I decided to go on a five-day hiking trip in the Nelson-Lakes National Park. With a minimum of planning I set out on the Travers-Sabine Circuit, a loop that took me up one valley, across a high mountain […]


Brewster Hut

I asked a fellow traveler about his favorite place on the South Island, and he sent me to the Brewster Hut. So I hitched a ride down the curvy road from Wanaka to the west coast, and the young American couple in their camping bus dropped me off at the […]

South Island 2

Around the South Island

I decided to head south from Christchurch, and ended up in a tiny place called Moeraki. Another traveler had told me about the light house there, and about a penguin colony. As it turned out I got there at the wrong time of day and they had all headed off. […]


Christchuch: Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Already flying across it I fell in love with New Zealand; with its rugged coastline, its green meadows, but most of all with its wild mountains. They were simply evoking a strong sensation of and adventure in me… But first I landed in Christchurch, the biggest city on the South […]


„Re-Acclimatizing“ to the Western World in Sydney

Although technically I have been in Australia I feel it’s more appropriate to say that I have been to Sydney. Three days is not a lot of time to explore a city like this, but no time at all to explore Australia, the country – a continent!


Majestic Mount Rinjani in a day

By 4AM I had already left the “basecamp village” Senaru and was walking through the rainforest. Strong smells and strange noises surrounded me as I made my way up a seemingly never ending mountain in the dark. It gradually got lighter, the sun rose, and I was still in the […]

Gili Meno

Gili Meno – an underwater wonderland

On my way to the Rinjani volcano I spontaneously decided to spend a couple of days on the tiny island Gili Meno, right off the coast of Lombok. It took less than half an hour on a small boat to get to this touristy yet quiet island that is so […]

Tana Toraja

The Death Cult of Tana Toraja

In the center of Sulawesi lies a region called Tana Toraja. Villages and settlements are hidden away in green rolling hills, connected only by winding roads that follow high ridges or cut through valleys of lush rain forest. Muddy tracks lead off these roads, to access an amazing patchwork of […]


The Togian Islands – My Paradise

The Lonely Planet claims that getting to the Togeans is difficult, but leaving this archipelago is even more difficult. And it is true: These islands are a secluded paradise, located in the middle of the giant lagune formed by the awkward half island that protrudes from the north of Sulawesi. […]

Solar Eclipse

In Palu for the total solar eclipse

Only a week before the solar eclipse I found out about it. As these things don’t happen often, and mostly far away, I did not think for too long, but changed my travel plans to incorporate Sulawesi, to see the total solar eclipse. On the evening of March 8 (one […]

Ijen (18)

Blue Flames at Lake Ijen

From Cemero Lawang one can make it to Sempol (the “base camp” for trekking to the Ijen Crater) in one day, if one figures out public transport correctly. But since the bus driver of the public bus down to Probolinggo refused to leave before the bus was full it got […]


Indonesia’s Volcano Panorama at Mount Bromo

One night on a crowded train brought me from Yogyakarta to Malang. From there I took a minibus and later an ojek (motorbike taxi) up a steep mountain road and told the driver to drop me off at a certain intersection. From there I would have continued to Ranupani, the […]